Les Feuilles Mortes, Livres Mortes

(dead leaves dead books)

    Les Feuilles mortes, Livres Morts is an installation piece and altered-book that mourns for dead leaves and old books. Leaves enjoy their lives bathing in sunlight, dancing in the wind and surrounded by its lovely environment. Once they have had their time in the sun they wither and die and fall off the tree. Alone and unlikely to receive love unless someone finds them beautiful and picks them up.

    Today, we have tons of tons of books at bookstores, libraries, schools and even at our home. Ever since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, printing industry has been accelerated, and increased number of people who have access to texts and books. Yet, because of mass production, books are given less and less values as objects. Occasionally they are on streets or back of the store hoping to be read once again.

   The space was created to give an audience a sense of grief and sadness when they enter. Once you are in the space, you need to bend your knees and get really close to the piece. When you press into the pages of the book the sounds of rustling leaves and pages can be heard.

Medium: found books(I waited for 2-3weeks before I picked up to make sure no one wanted them), Raspberry pi2, sounds from freesound.org

Dimension: (space use) 2x2.5m including its setups(Raspberry pi2)

Winter 2015